Measure Your Bra Size

How to Measure your Bra Size (Size in Inches)

Always use a mirror to ensure your tape measure is even all around the body.


Band Size

To determine the band size, stand with your bra on, and measure the rib cage directly under the bust. Pull the tape about as snug as the bra should be.

Measure Your Band Size

Step1: Stand straight without leaning your body anywhere. Take an inch tape and wrap it around your under bust (Below your bust) to identify your band size. The tape measure should sit where an underwire would go on a bra and be close fitting around your body.


Bust Size

With bra on, measure around fullest part of the bust. By comparing this measurement to the bra size, you determine the cup size.

Measure Your Bust Size

Step2: Measure around your bust at the fullest point. This is generally directly over a woman's nipples. Double check to make sure the tape measure goes straight around you and isn't too tight.  

How the Bra Size is determined

To the band size measurement add 5 inches. This gives you the bra size.

Bras are sized only in even numbers (32, 34, 36), if the bra size is an odd number, go to the next even number. (i.e add 1)

Example 1:
If you have Band Measurement of 29 inches
your Bra size is : 29 + 5 = 34 inches

Example 2:
If you have Band Measurement 30 inches,
your Bra size is : 30 + 5 = 35 inches
but since Bras are avilable in even sizes only,
your Bra size would be : 35 + 1 = 36 inches


How the Cup Size is determined

Measurement Difference
(Bust Size minus Bra Size)

Cup Size

1 inches

size A

2 inches

size B

3 inches

size C

4 inches

size D

Example :

If your Bra Size is 32 inches and you measure 34 inches around the fullest part of the bust, thats a 2 inches difference, so you will need a B cup.